The Kimchi Cabbage burger / medaillon is made from fresh chinese cabbage, carrot, oatmeal, ginger, cilantro, soja sauce, sesame oil and kimchi herbs.

Complex in taste and the pepper makes it a bit spicy / Asian.


Top with kimchi (fermented cabbage) and you have something special in no

red carrot vegan burger van sparc sparckitchen amsterdam lekkerste vega burger

The Red Carrot burger / medaillon is made of fresh cut beetroot, carrot, oatmeal, mustard and cumin.

This variant has a sweet and earthy taste that appeals to a wide audience.


Delicious with a mixture of parsley, sriracha sauce & vegan mayonnaise and some avocado, sliced ​​beef tomato.

The Celeriac Fennel burger / medaillon is made of celeriac (knob celery), fennel, oatmeal, mustard. Many chefs give this one a high rating cause it has a fine and exclusive (anise) taste. You either love it are hate it, it is slightly polarizing.


Delicious with a tarragon mayonnaise or remoulade sauce and cubes of
gherkins/cornichons or capers with chopped pearl onions.

vegan ebi fry garnaal shrimp plantbased

The Vegan Ebi Fry is made out of glucomannan (from the konjac plant). The Vegan Ebi-Fry is a vegetable breaded frozen ‘shrimp’. It is indistinguishable from the real one.


This product can be served as a separate snack for frying, in a sushi roll, poke bowl, or on a steamed bun with wasabi mayonnaise.


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